Online Coaching

Business coaching is valuable and there are hundreds of quality coaches worldwide. However, business coaching is a general terms. It implies general solutions, and is often based on a preset template.

I am the CEO of ORPICAL, a published author and working my way back to the ranks in racing. While I am busy with my career and family, I love to help start-up entrepreneurs grow their business. I make time to work with 2-3 start-ups per quarter—it is fun, rewarding, invigorating and not free.

My rate is $180 per hour, however your satisfaction, delight and ROI for your investment are guaranteed. I do offer a 20-30 minute initial consultation at no charge. I do this because if I do not believe I can assist you in a way that will yield you a tangible ROI, I will not take on the engagement. Each session is about 1 hour (I always exceed the time and never charge for the full conversation). Payments are made via PayPal.

“A New Model of Business Coaching for Start-Up Companies.”


Many business coaches use buzz words. I hate these type of words. Checkout the following and if you like my approach call me direct: 856-304-2800, or email me at and let’s see if we can increase your sales and/or save you a ton of money.